The lost art of keeping it simple…


In a time when men are becoming more and more conscious of their image and making an added effort to look their best, the allure of adding unexpected elements to an attire may be hard to resist. Add to that the continuous flow of menswear accessories entering the market and their growing social acceptance, and you end up with a volatile recipe for excess. 

As much as I appreciate sprezzy, intricate outfits, comprised of several layers and properly accessorized, the line which separates elegance from tackyness is a thin one… Even though there are several ways in which an outfit can go overboard, either due to color/pattern combinations or design itself, my greatest grudge concerns over accessorizing. We’re currently experiencing a period of dandyism and gentlemanliness revival, with many embellishments of “old” making their debut to younger generations: lapel and collar pins, bowties, tie bars, neck scarves, pockets squares and even hats may have an acquaintance with older men, but are a whole new universe for their younger counterparts. 

As I see it, it’s this exciting feeling of discovery that leads many men to get carried away, but mind you: the fact that a wide paraphernalia of accessories is at your disposal, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear them all at once. In the search for a style differential, men often forget the powerful appeal of simplicity and the ancient premise that “less is more”. One man that definitely embodies this concept is Milan Vukmirovic. Usually spotted in outstanding minimalistic looks, often focused on one core piece, Trussardi’s former creative director is always looking his best. He’s living proof that style isn’t always about a myriad of elements, and if questions about his impeccable taste remain just take a look at some of his looks. 

His use of color is superb: both monochromatic and contrasting versions.

you don’t even know.  That’s how I roll.  Hahaha